Sunday, 29 April 2012

Day 7: Crafting Balance (3KCBWDAY7)

I have an open mind when it comes to other crafts. Knitting is my main passion, but it is not my first love; that is cross-stitch. I joined a cross-stitch club at school when I was nine and really took to it. In my teens, it all fell by the wayside, and then at 21 I learned to knit again and never looked back. I have also returned to cross-stitch, but am nothing like as prolific as I am with knit projects. I do enjoy both, but I think knitting just fits into my life much better - cross-stitch lends itself less well to train and bus journeys, and for me at least requires better light than knitting.

I do like giving good cross-stitched Christmas card. 

I have dallied in other crafts, too. At Harrogate Knitting and Stitch Fair (but expertly missed in the relevant blog post), I bought a beading kit. I am progressing with this, but it requires sitting still for quite a while so progress since November has been slow. I have now finished the beading but not done the background, and am very much enjoying it. I'll give more details when it is finished.

I have tried crochet, and though it caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth on my part, I will try again sometime this summer (as I mentioned yesterday). I also intend to do some more sewing. But on the whole, I feel like I have a good crafting balance already, and even when I am in a just-knitting phase, I feel like I have a good balance. As long as I am doing some kind of craft, I am pretty happy.

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