Saturday, 28 April 2012

Day 6: Improving Your Skillset (3KCBWDAY6)

Last year, I set myself two modest targets. One was to try colourwork using Eskimimi's Snowbaby Hat, which I have done and double done. I am happy with my hat and wear it whenever I can, and I like the feeling of achieving targets. The other was to make a hedgehog, which I have not done, and I feel a little guilty about this. My reason is that I should not buy yarn for so small a project, but use the ends of something I have made already, and I have not knitted anything brown yet. I may just have to bite the bullet and buy, but first I might raid my mum's yarn stash.

In general, I feel like I have progressed as a knitter in the past year. Not only stranded colourwork, but garments, complex lace, and socks. All excellent steps on the road to being Expert Knitter. A good year by my standards, and given that I have only been knitting 2.5 years I think I'm making some pretty complex stuff and challenging myself.

But what should me next steps be? I do want to try intarsia, to continue the colour work thing as I enjoyed stranded so much. The other thing I want to try (again) is crochet - I have the yarn for a ripple blanket a lot like this one (ravelry link), though my first endeavours were full of frustration and swearing. So those shall be my targets for before the next blog week - intarsia and crochet. And the hedgehog!


  1. You've done heaps this last year! Well done! Lots to learn in crochet and Intarsia - but, you'll end up with some lovely bits and pieces!

  2. I love that ripple blanket! It looks so cheerful.. maybe I'll have to make one and then ban the cats from ever going near it. (Like that would happen!)

  3. Hi Jen,
    I may have 20g(ish) of DB cashmerino in dark brown going spare after the blanket is finished you can use for hedgehog. Failing that I have dark brown acrylic DK in my stash you can use :-) x Biggbird x