Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Day 3: Knitting Hero [3KCBWDAY3]

 I have written and rewritten this blog post a few times now and sorry, I don't think I can pick just one person; there are so many people who inspire me, in big ways and in small. I am a member of two knitting groups and everyone at both of them has given me ideas in one way or another (and made me laugh. a lot).

{Photo credit uncertain; thanks to whoever took it!}

I come from a long line of knitting women and love to chat about knitting with my grandma, aunts and mum, and love hearing about my great-grandma (who I never met) knitting socks for the whole family, seemingly mostly in bed.

{Crafting with my mum, Photo by Ewenique}

I read countless blogs which all give me ideas; most notably those of organiser extraordinaire Eskimimi, the Yarn Harlot and Wendy at Knit and Tonic.

The yarns dyed by The Yarn Yard send my head into a spin, and if I weren't on a yarn diet then Abstract Cat and Wharfedale Woolworks would be getting my custom. And I have enjoyed knitting with sparkleduck this year, bought at Woolfest last year.

[All the Yarn Yard Yarn I own. Apparently I'm in a Blue Phase]

In terms of patterns, I do love the designs of Ysolda and Kate Davies, the socks of Cookie A and the hats of Wooly Wormhead, and love reading their blogs and about their lives and inspiration.

[Me wearing the Orchid Theif Shawl by Ysolda Teague. No, I'm not talking about Lauriel, still]

But by far and away, there are two people who inspire me the most - sum totalling a vast amount of inspiration between them. First, Ewenique, for opening the door to the knitting world, getting me knitting in public, showing me how to use dpns (and indeed what they are), getting me on ravelry and a ton of things besides. And last but by no means least, the eternally lovely Steph, housemate and crafter. I am greatful to you for seeing that my door to the knitting world was opened a crack, then forcing the thing open and wedging it with a ton of books; never, I fear, to be shut again.


  1. Oh dear lord that photo made me laugh all over again! And I think it was Charlotte who took it :) Thank you m'dear, thank you ever so much :) and what a lovely blogpost!

  2. Ah, yes. knitting on Red Route during lunch (as well as before 'time series' if I'm not mistaken)...crafting with you is always so much fun! And I really like that photo of you and your mom.

    I hope you're getting to see something of Vienna - are these posts scheduled?

  3. your work is realy pretty, I love the green shawl. have a knitty wednesday xxx

  4. How fun to be part of two knitting groups! I finally found one I can attend regularly and I just adore them!