Tuesday, 8 May 2012

So endeth the yarn diet.

The title says it all really. Knit & Crochet Blog Week 2012 has resparked my appetite for knitting - though not perhaps for blogging, I needed some time off! In this frame of mind, I set off for Aberdeen, where my partner has a new job (he's been job-hunting for the last five months after being made redundant). It is a long way by train (6h from Leeds) and I am not yet in love with the city itself - all a bit grey, a bit cold, a bit expensive, a bit near the coast enough that you get seagulls but not so near you can walk to the beach. Though it has won the Britain in Bloom award ten times, which I'm taking as a sign I could love it yet.

Aside from abstruse ramblings, I did what any knitter going to a new city would do. I did just check online for yarn stores and came across Wool for Ewe. It was walking distance from some of the chores we had to do on Saturday, so we both knew we were going to wind up there for a little bit. Turns out, it has actually won awards for things like 'Scotland's Best Wool Shop', and it is easy to see why. There is an excellent combination of your standard woolly yarns, beautiful sock wool, and basic acrylic, all priced at the going rate. I can see myself buying jumper quantities here at some point, but not yet; after all, when I walked in the shop, I was on a diet. I had no plan. I will blog about the shop properly at some point; I was too bowled over to be taking decent photographs so instead I will show you what I have bought.

To add to the spectacularly impetuous craft-purchasing, we discovered that there is also a Hobbycraft in central Aberdeen. I figured I'd go in and get some more cross-stitch supplies as it was so close to the cinema but got rather distracted.

Yes, exactly not what I intended. Oh well....

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