About Me

Hi, my name is Jenny and I like knitting. 

This blog is almost all about knitting, and related activities - buying yarn, going to shows, getting it all organised! I live in Leeds, UK, and am studying for a PhD in meteorology at the university here. Side effects of such a career move include a quiet obsession with clouds. Though I grew up in Yorkshire, I moved to Edinburgh when I was 18, got a degree and met my other half. He still lives up there, so I tend to travel up whenever I can manage it - lots of train journeys mean lots of crafting time though! Though my family have always tried to pass on crafting to me, my last summer in Edinburgh in 2009 was when the crafting began again. I lived in a fairly quiet flat, had a bar job over the Festival that paid me enough to keep going to lots of shows, and had plenty of tea-drinking friends around with time for a little chat. In between working, going to shows, wandering about and drinking tea, there was still quite a lot of spare time, so I decided that I would learn to knit and never looked back.

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