Monday, 23 August 2010

All These Things That I've Done

So, it has been a good long while since my last post. I have been busy with work, sadly, but now things are in a definite lull. I am deeply loving relaxing, and am back into knitting. And getting on with Life Admin, which is getting a bit desperate!

Apart from horrid work, I have also had some fun. I have been buying things, 'cos it makes me feel better. Especially things in the Cath Kidson sale like this spotty knitting bag - half price! - and I'm definitely keeping this one for me. On the grounds that it's waterproof.

I have also bought a couple of bits for one of my friends, who is in need of some knitting guidance. A knitting bag that was reduced, and the piggy stitch markers are courtesy of Steph.

I also got some for my birthday, I thought the apples were soooo cute! They have already proved themselves really really useful. They also cheer me up and inspire me to carry on, as well as reminding me about my progress. Thanks Steph!

I did also get the main birthday present from my parents; my lovely metal KnitPro interchangeables, which I LOVE!! They've already been put to much good use. Though the case they come in is a little cheap and nasty, and I would like to make one for myself, though I think my mum is still recovering from making the project bags!

And that's just the knitting stuff! There have also been some purchases of other sorts, though my favourite two have been my Stress Half Pint (like a stress ball) and Sheep Bag, both from Dublin over the weekend. I got away properly and now feel well rested and fed - the cake & Guinness diet definitely agrees with me!

I will give a bit more of an update about what's on my needles at some point...