Tuesday, 14 December 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Dear Reader, it has been too long! Since I last spoke there has been mug painting at Create, Ilkley where I made a bowl. Photos have sadly gone AWOL, promise to tell you when I find them... I do have a nice photo of Ilkley though.

And then there was the snow.

I make that 7 inches of snow, which meant that I worked from home for a day. I hope a messy desk is the sign of a productive day!

I do also have a bit of a project update too; I've made another Gehry because I love it, so easy! Here it is in an early stage, now efficiently given away so can't put any photos up just in case!

Then there are the Cafe au Lait in hyacinth as I call it; I have decided that they are too big which is handy as I've run out of wool, so they're being ripped back and I might use the wool to turn my mind to a bit of pattern design when I finally stop for Christmas!! I love the existing pattern though, I have plans for it *cackle*

There is the ever-present bolero, hopefully to be done by Christmas - I think graduation on Thursday is vastly optimistic! - but I do have enough to cover both my breasts...

... and the bottom half of my shoulder blades!

I have a cheeky FO too - nothing special, just a garter stitch cowl and headband (the latter just because I had wool left, not actually worn it yet!)

And then there is my inbox, particularly poorly lit:

I should really stop adding photos to this, hope everyone's internets are still in one piece. In other news, work is going well though I am somewhat not really trying, Christmas prep is sending everything a little too close to chaos but it is all fun really. There are cards and presents and food but I'm obviously not showing any of that!! I do sadly have a sore back so I'm spending the evening hugging a hot water bottle.... mmmmm.... and tea....