Thursday, 12 April 2012

FO: Magrathea

Finally, another finished object! I have been getting bogged down in knitting lately and over-thinking things, and it has been nice to make a decision, stick to it and finish something. Let me tell you all about it, from the start...
{Apologies for the photos of me looking like a dweeb. I'm living alone at the moment :( }

I bought this pattern because I love Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, in which the planet Magrathea features, without any particular yarn in mind. It sat there waiting for it's yarn friend for a few months. First I chose the wrong sort of yarn, both colour and fibre (it was mentioned briefly during my Trying to Kick the Funk post months ago). But then, I saw this yarn in Loop, London in September and fell in love then and there. It turns out to be the prefect partner for this pattern!

There were a few false starts with this yarn, as I found the first 'setup' section tricky - I think it was mainly trying to get my head around the idea of a sideways shawl. Once I got past the first section, the second 'body' section you repeat many times and so I was fine with that after a few repeats; it flew off the needles [though I may have had a few stalling moments, as I mentioned back at the start of February]. There was a little frogging episodes with the final few sections, as the pattern says you need 25% of your yarn to do the edging, and I was determined to maximise this; I take full responsibility for my own meagerness! But then, at the end of the body, trouble. I had the right number of stitches for Size The First (smallest), but had done enough pattern repeats for Size The Second. Time to make a decision. This took weeks and weeks, when it stayed in this sorry state

...Until a visit to the lovely Ewenique when she (quite rightly!) told me to man up and fudge it. Which I duly did, adding stitches in the final pattern repeat to make sure I had enough. The end sections went flew off the needles over the weekend and Monday evening, much to my delight, and it was all finished in time to block before bed on Monday night.

Still in love with that edging :)

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