Thursday, 26 April 2012

Day 4: A Knitter or Crocheter for All Seasons? (3KCBWDAY4)

This was where I used my scientific mind to it's full potential. I actually put together something in Excel that has all my finished projects, by month.

Yeah, it's a little hard to read, sorry, hopefully you can see there are months along the top and projects named underneath. Generally, it looks like I knit less in May/June and more in Autumn and Spring - but oddly not winter. But what about the type of project I'm making?

Here I have made pink the complex lace stuff compared to the easier less-need-to-look-at-a-chart stuff. It is so uniformly spread, it could be butter on toast.

My gift knitting also shows less seasonality than I'd expected - and nothing in December! So far, I can see very little trend at all....

Ah, I see it now. Here I've done garments red, socks yellow, gloves green, scarves blue and hats pink. I do garments and socks in the winter, and hats and gloves in July (?!) and the Autumn, mainly.

Mostly, I'm impressed that there is any sort of pattern; I certainly don't plan it that way!! Also, I have only been knitting for less than three years, so there's not been very long for any sort of trend to emerge. The trends I do have probably won't stand up to any sort of statistical testing :p

And here is a little picture of some birds in Leeds' Tropical World, just to lighten things up after all that maths !

'What are you looking at?'


  1. Loving the blogs especially the spreadsheets muhahaha!!!xx (Naomi)

  2. eeek excel spreadsheets!!

  3. July is a good month for mittens! :-)

  4. YAY spreadsheets! I would love to see the accompanying graphs (teehee!).

  5. how about plotting all that "data"? :-)

  6. math knitters always amaze me!!!!!!