Friday, 20 April 2012

FO: Wanida (on a Friday)

I finished them! Now I have two green socks.

And I love 'em! They're so green!! They turned out just how I'd hoped, despite my false start with a different colour yarn. This does mean I have knit this pattern three times instead of the usual two, which I think been a partial reason for the delay. 

Now they may be a little small, but this was before I blocked them - I was just too excited to show them off. If they're still a little small, I'll probably donate them to someone with slightly smaller feet than me. Maybe.

Yarn: Bonny by The Yarn Yard
Pattern: Wanida by Cookie A [ravelry link], from the book Sock Innovation [amazon uk link, ravelry link
Mods: None. Looking at them not I wish I'd done the ribbing on a needle size smaller but they seem to stay up anyway. 

In short, I am well chuffed with them. 

PS. In other news, I intend to do my best to take part in Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, despite spending the week working at a Conference (boo) though in Vienna (yay). 


  1. you should be really pleased with these- they are gorgeous socks, and i love the colour!!!

  2. I'm loving those socks, well done!

  3. The are fabulous! No wonder you are thrilled with them. Adore the colour and the pattern, FAB FAb FAB

  4. Fantastic yarn, the socks look great. I hope they stretch so you can keep them!

  5. I really really love the colours, great choice and such neat knitting.

  6. That pattern is totally in my queue and you just reminded me what a wonderful pair of socks I COULD have if I took some time and effort... Were they very hard? I haven't really strayed far from plain socks in the past.
    I love that color, too. How fun it will be to walk around on a plain old boring day and catch a glimpse of your unique socks from under your trousers! ♥

  7. Oooh, I love the green, too! The socks look great.

  8. That color is fantastic! They look great!

  9. They are AMAZING. I find my socks are a bit snug after washing but loosen up as I wear them. Gosh I hope you can keep them!