Monday, 25 October 2010

Roll up for the magical mystery tour...

So, this post may be a little late. It has been a horrifically busy week, if a little Piglety (Lots of 'so much to do, so little time!' and 'I'm late! I'm late!'). I have managed to take some halfway decent knitting photos, though depressingly mainly at work. A couple of presents I will put on soon enough, but a proper photo of Gherty,

some mittlets for my Mum, using a pattern I made for myself:

some mittlets for me which may turn into flip-top mitts as the weather gets colder

So far, so normal. Generally a blue phase I'll admit, and this made me think: perhaps in a little more than knitting? However, languishing in such things is not allowed, so I decided to turn the corner, took hold of my knitting needles and dove headfirst into a pile of yarn:

to make my very first garment - a bolero from Let's Knit - September called Falling Leaves. Not got hugely far but given that I only decided to make it on Wednesday I thought it wasn't too bad. I love the colour too, it's just what I need to get me out of my funk. I may have made a couple of bits for a friend with the same yarn, and fallen for it! My shoddy lighting does not do it justice:

And what brought about the Carpe Diem moment? The final turn in the road: my exciting acquisition from my Auntie Maggie, formerly owned by my Auntie Min, and very much beloved by all my [female] relatives.

And boy, do I not know what I'm doing with it! However, it is lovingly set up on [the surface formerly known as] my desk, and I keep taking the lid off for peaks. I can almost hear it aching to be used, but it's so pretty and has so much history that at the moment, I am happy just to look at it.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I remember when I lost my mind...

Things have been a little quiet on the blogging front, haven't they? I've been hard trying to turn my life into organised chaos (rather than the standard chaos it's in at the moment), and after a philosophical evening (possibly induced by red wine...) decided that life = chaos, and I should stop. In theory. I may have pulled a loooong day at work today, but it's so I can leave early tomorrow. And I mean early - girly lunch and a maintee at the theatre :)

I think I did go a bit bonkers last month, so thanks for reading the Blog of a Crazy Lady, things much better now. I am my own in charge of my work, not the other way around. I'm managing to have a social life (and meet lovely new people, too!). I've got a housemate. I've got an income. Life is good.

The only problem now is: There's No Knitting! Seriously, I have made one pair of gloves in the last month. And they're a present so no photos yet. So the knitting plan is being formulated, now. Things on it include:
  • Interesting crimson and mustard mittlets, to match the mustard hat of some months ago. Sadly not enough of the mustard, cannot get hold of more. Fortunately helped out by Chantel and Steph in Ilkley.
  • Finishing off my uber-warm wrist warmers - knitted but not lined.
  • Coming up with something to knit for the boyf that's not a scarf, hat or gloves.
  • Coming up with something to knit my boy housemate.
  • Ishbel for my former housemate.
  • Simple City for me.
  • The dalek, which has totally ground to a halt lately.
I think it's in that order too. Awesome, there is a plan! Now to crack on with it - bring me my needles!!

PS. Well, indulge me: just one photo of the Brilliant Barcelona Break. Loved it, everyone should go. Especially in September for a week of lovely warm weather and beautiful blue sky.