Tuesday, 29 May 2012


One thing that is essential when in Vienna is to eat Sachertorte. It is an incredibly chocolaty cake, dense and rich and a real treat. For those of you who like me are interested in baking (to say the least), you will know it was the final technical challenge on the recent series of the Great British Bake Off. I wanted to see how hard it could possibly be, so off I went to Hotel Sacher, home of the original, and ate cake and drank tea.

It was a lovely experience, and I really enjoyed it. The tea was easily the best one I drank all week in Vienna. But the cake, though very tasty, I left the place thinking 'this is achievable'. So I found the recipe*  and pottered down to my local supermarket, where the lovely cashier did not look twice as I unloaded my basket of chocolate, butter, eggs and double cream.

*FYI: recipe is not in the Great British Bake Off book, though I do like that as a book

Though I could not be bothered piping the word Sacher on the top,  I think it looks - and more importantly tastes - absolutely delicious.

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