Friday, 25 May 2012

Going on Travels

Tomorrow, I am leaving for America for a month. It has been a busy week sorting things out for that and moving out of my house, and trying to do some work somewhere in between, but I think I am almost there. 

The plan for America is to have a fun week, and then work for three weeks. For the fun part, we fly to Denver and stay there for two nights, then fly onto Page, Arizona, pick up the hire car and drive off into the desert. Well, saying that, we have booked the lovely Cameron Trading Post Lodge for five nights, which is quite a treat but the location cannot be beaten; it is a couple of hours drive from all the things we want to do.

While I'm away doing all this fun stuff, I have scheduled blog posts to go up, about what I have been doing in the few weeks (that hasn't been running around madly getting stuff done). I thinking by the time I get to the work bit I might need a little relax of an evening, so I'm hoping I can squeeze in some time to blog about what I did in my Week in Arizona and What Craft I Have Done. But I don't really know how intense this work will be, so if I fall off the radar entirely, don't worry too much.

See you on the other side!

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