Sunday, 27 May 2012

Visiting Vienna

I haven't yet told you about my trip to Vienna at the end of last month *facepalm*. It was mainly for a conference related to my PhD, so there was quite a lot of worky stuff through the week. However, the weather was too nice to stay indoors all day every day, so I took (almost) an entire day off and went for a walk around the tourist sites. I got the underground out the Rathaus and wandered about a bit... This choice may have been mainly to do with the online research I did beforehand about the location of yarn stores. Sadly, the one I had found was closed, but I wandered up an interesting-looking street; just full of little shops and cafes....

...and I was wandering up I saw this on the opposite side of the road.

Named with all the usual linguistic directness I have usually found in the German language. No sheep based puns here, oh no, just 'wool'. It is great inside too, full of lovely yarn and especially sock yarn. Though the floorspace was not huge, the floor-to-ceiling shelves were packed with squishy goodies, and enough knitting patterns and books to keep me occupied for a long time. If that had been what I was looking for.

I was up for some more sock yarn, after a bit of a diet and making a serious plan, I was itching to treat myself. After making a small purchase (very restrained I thought)....

... I walked back to my accommodation on the southwest side of town via all of the major tourist attractions.

Though what I didn't buy in yarn I made up for in snack food. All yummy of course!

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