Wednesday, 27 February 2013

WIP Wednesday

Hello! I have been poorly for a few days now (including two days when I was too ill to knit) - only a cold but an absolute stinker. All the usual but with added fever, dizziness and earache. Fun times.

Anyhoo, I have realised that I have quite a bit on the go to tell you about. There has been a dearth of casting on and my WIP pile has grown accordingly (this is alongside the two jumpers I talk about last time). Plus the only thing I finished this week was a pair of socks that are a birthday gift due at the end of March, so we shall have to talk about those later.

First off, I decided to knit some gloves for myself - and these are so nearly done I'm just wearing them out and about anyway. They're cast off (and marked as finished on ravelry) but one of the ends worked its way out on the first wear so I'm not counting them as in their final form just yet.

Pattern: Berry Hill Fingerless Mitts by Liz Thompson
Yarn: King Cole Merino Blend DK in #859
Ravelry Project Link

Next up, stripey gloves for my other half. He specified the stripes and the fingers, but fingers make me nervous and I'm not sure how you'd fix them if one finger wasn't the right fatness (for want of a better word). This means I 'need' him to try them on a lot, and with the long distance thing and me not really knitting when I do see him, it's dragging on horribly.

Pattern: Basic Glove Pattern by Harry Wells
Yarn: Artesano Superwash Merino (Navy - remnants from this hat) and Rowan Cashsoft DK (Cream)
Ravelry Project Link

And now we have a third pair of gloves (I seem to be a great one for phases....) - these ones in yellow! Not sure they're for me as they're too small and not really my colour but hey, we're on stashdown here and these have already caused enough problems! This is the third pattern they have been knit into, and the other two that demised got at least as far as separating off for the thumb before they got frogged. These are knitting up quickly, easily and seem to be looking pretty good; hoorah! I cannot wait to see the back of them!

Pattern: Serpentine Mitts by Miriam L. Felton
Yarn:Cygnet Truly Wool Rich 4 Ply in Yellow
Ravelry Project Link

And finally, I did cast on some socks; seemingly, my life doesn't work without socks on the needles.

Pattern: Molly Weasley's Gift Socks by Susan Sharpe (a p/hop pattern)
Yarn: Collinette Jitterbug 4ply in Adonis Blue,  bought at Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show
Ravelry Project Link

The next couple of weekends are going to involve some pretty long train rides, so socks seemed to be the way forward. Only problem is, I think I may need a back-up project, just in case I decide to do what I did with the gloves and rip them back to the start. Twice. I do believe that this pattern and yarn are good combination, but then the Yellow Gloves have caused me all sorts of doubts and second guesses. Fingers crossed I can fight the startosis!


  1. Everything looks wonderful! I hope you feel better quickly:)

  2. Love the blue mittens. Get well soon!