Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hangover from 2012

With this knit the queue thing, I have had a little assess of the projects that are still hanging about from last year, and two of them are jumpers.

First off, Lauriel needs a little work - the button band bulges a little about my ribcage (I know, weird place to be unusually fat, such is my lot) so I intend to reinforce it with grosgrain ribbon as in the Knitmore Girls podcast - they made a video about how to do it, by popular demand. I've been planning to do this for about a year now, just I am the master of procrastination when it comes to this cardigan; it has just kicked me one too many times and I cannot face it when there are so many other things to knit that are just as pretty and not so angry. It Just Needs Doing.

The other project I have on the go from Little Red in the City is Skelf, which I was going great guns at before Christmas, but now I've spotted a mistake and procrastinated fixing it enough to lose my place, so I didn't finish it before the new year as I'd hoped, but now it languishes in my knitting bag, also lurking. 

And a third project that has been on the back burner - this is probably a record for me, all be it a depressing one - are the lovely if slightly mad socks I mentioned in my Socktopus post, the magenta ones. I had to ad-lib a bit when it came to sorting out the heel, and there was a big pause while I (freaked out about) carefully considered what to do, as I'm not normally one for deviating from the pattern, especially if it's a pattern I've paid money for. Still, we now have one sock (though sadly no photos as it's for someone who might be reading this), and hoping to cast on the second one for the weekend's train rides.

All this did make be take a bit of a look at the queue. Somehow we are back down at 18 projects, having been at the dizzying heights of 25. Now, I know I finished two last week, I've cast on another two, but we still have two unaccounted for. Clearly, whatever they were, I wasn't that enamored with them as I've totally forgotten what they were! It does seem more manageable now though - and I really want to crack on with them all.

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