Sunday, 3 March 2013

Know Thyself

Sometimes, I feel like I know myself too well. I did say I would have doubts about the sock knitting last week, and I know I've been very uncertain of the gloves project for my OH (those ones that last week needed fingers). I did think about taking another project, but then it got to packing and I just said no; two project will suffice and one of them is socks and the other is fingers; and I can stop hesitating, right? WRONG! I find myself riddled with doubts over the sock pattern, and the glove 'needs' trying on, only partway on my journey.

I reckon I can get over the glove qualms and crack on with them this week, but the socks seem to be a bigger dilemma. Maybe today is just not the day for the pattern: Molly Weasley's Gift Socks from p/hop. Maybe it isn't the best yarn for the project: Collinette Jitterbug. Either way, for me they have come out too big, and so I have to rip them back anyway and, since I'm not feeling good about the whole thing, I'm probably best starting with a fresh pattern too. I've been here before, I know how I react, and it just means greater upset further down the line when an entire sock gets ripped back. I did photograph them before taking the plunge and frogging them.

However, the pattern that I started is promising, and I can appreciate that it is well-written and has a lovely lace pattern. It also has a Vikkel Braid (no I'd not heard of it either) - it is in the photo, as the one column of stitches that are sideways, when the rows are from bottom to top. I thought it was pretty neat - perpendicular knitting! Sadly no more though.

PS. don't worry that I had nothing to do for most of my train ride - I did catch up on blogs and finish my book (Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, enjoyable and compelling, but a bit more of a psychological thing than I'd normally read).

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