Saturday, 15 September 2012

2012 Plan: Books update

It has been way too long since I spoke about these resolutions. In fact, it has been too long since I blogged full stop; conference season gets in the way of all sort of things. To give this a good go, I'm going to split it up by resolution category,starting with the one I am most proud of:

Apologies for the slightly crappy photo, I was so excited when I realised that put together with the three classics I read earlier this year I have read TEN of the twelve classics I was thinking would take me all year. Do you know what this means? I can read some other books before the year is out! Though sadly I am still not allowed to buy any books, as my 'inshelf' is totally full (to the point where books fall of it if you walk past too quickly).

Of this stack, I think Love in a Cold Climate and the Sherlock Holmes were my favourites, though for different reasons; there is always something happening in the Sherlock Holmes, but Love in a Cold Climate is all about people and I love that too. Frankenstein I did also really enjoy, but I was a little underwhelmed having been told it is the best thing ever, and so I might come back to that one another day; the same pretty much goes for Dorian Gray, though I've at least had mixed reviews of that one from friends. The Twain and D.H.Lawrence did prove a bit of a slog but were worth it in the end; Twain I tried to read while I was in the US and that utterly failed, which may be why that one dragged along. Mrs Dalloway was somehow compelling stuff, despite it being entirely in internal monologue, but once I got used to it I was flying. All good so far though, big plans to just keep cracking on.

Until next time....

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