Thursday, 26 July 2012

FO: Potamus

The tide of craft has pulled me back in, and frankly I'm more excited about it that my holidays right now. I'm going to quickly tell you about some socks I knitted mostly in the US, and finished off once I was home.

Pattern: Pomatomus, by Cookie A, from Knitty Winter 2005. Every time I try to say it, I end up saying 'potamus' instead. A really enjoyable knit, great pattern, lace on every row did mean it needed concentration at least at the start, but then I saw how it worked so by the end, I only needed the pattern when switching between sections. 

Yarn: Toddy from the Yarn Yard. I am very much in the groove with sock yarn from here at the moment; it is great to knit with and makes lovely cosy socks. Sadly, I didn't write down the colour name as it was impulse bought, along with another skein (which also become socks). They are a53 and a44 between them, so who knows?

Needles: as recommended, but went down a size for the ribbing as mine seems to always be slack. 
Mods: Not a single one. 

Generally a really great pattern, I recommend it! For those who are getting into lacework socks, it is not trivially easy but not so hard as to avoid - I enjoyed the knitting and the product!

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