Monday, 16 July 2012

Antelope Canyon

Our next day in the States was mainly spent doing Antelope Canyon. It is a slot canyon, formed by flash floods that occur when incredibly heavy rain falls during a thunderstorm  - basically the only way they get rain in this part of the world. We did Upper Antelope canyon, and after a bumpy and dusty ride in a truck arrived at the entrance. It was of course much taller than  I had anticipated.

We arrived just in time to miss the 11am tour but booked onto the 12noon one instead - which was a good move, because when the sun is at its highest, you get these light beams that cut through the canyon. They were amazing and awe-inspiring, but sadly difficult to photograph; here is the best one I have:

Aside from the light beams, the walls themselves form so many interesting colours and shapes that it is worth going at any time of day to see it. A bit like cloudspotting, the shapes change with time (as you move about) and your imagination can resolve tenuously familiar shapes. There were also just some shapes I just liked that weren't really a thing, here are some of the better snaps: 

Thanks for stopping by! And sorry for the delay with this post, I am resolved to crack on and sort this out this week. 

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  1. Lovely pictures! Were temps as high as you anticipated? I'm so jealous of your light shaft! Was the canyon busy, it looks like you had it to yourselves too, which as you know (i think) is the best :-)