Monday, 16 May 2011

FO: Simple City

Yarn: Artisan Yarns Superwash Sock in Lavender's Dilly
I saw this yarn a good long while ago; our eyes met across a crowded stall, and I was away; love at first sight. I was obviously going to buy it, despite [trying to] be on a mission to only buy yarn I had a project in mind for, no matter how tenuous the idea was.

Some time later, I saw Eskimimi's Simple City [ravelry link], and decided it would be a match made in heaven. While many other projects were more pressing, I built the idea of this perfect yarn and perfect project up in my head. The pattern is brilliantly designed, straightforward to follow and beautifully laid out. I heartily recommend it to all but the 'complete novice' knitter - and the fruit salad of stitch markers, courtesy of Stephcuddles made any counting pain-free.

This huge build-up meant that, when I finished, I was a tad disappointed. No angels sang. No trumpets sounded. No knitting fairy furnished me with an idea of what I should do next.

However, in the intervening three weeks, I have fallen in love again; it is the perfect match of yarn, pattern and personality. Though I need to learn how to wear it in a less-of-a-mess way!

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  1. Love it! I really need to knit a Simple City . . .