Saturday, 7 May 2011

FO: Dalek

After much agonising and procrastinating, the Day of the Dalek has finally dawned.

Pattern: Extermiknit! [Ravelry link]

The pattern looks like hell on earth, but once you get into it, it's really not that bad! I had a crisis (on and off for about 8 months) about i-cords but once I asked for help and made myself do it (only thing I took to a Knit Night) I was fine and finished. There is a provisional crochet cast on that I also needed help with. This did mean he spend waaaay too long in this state:

Needles: 4mm dpns

I would definitely recommend knitting it in the round, but I hate sewing things up so I guess I'm biased!

Wool: Acrylic DK from Leeds Market.

The shop is on the right, if you do in through the doors on the corner of Vicar Lane and George Street (I think!). The right sort of wool for such a project - I bought two 100g balls (red and dark gray) for about £2.20 and used some white acrylic I had lying about. And I have loads left, enough to knit at least one more Dalek. Maybe there could be an army of them...?

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