Friday, 22 May 2015

FO: Three Purple Garments

Hello. My name is Jenny and I'm addicted to purple. Or I am, at least, firmly in a purple phase...

Since I last wrote regularly, I have been knitting quite a bit - though not, I confess, three garments' worth! I worked on these one after the other over many months, but it just happens that all the finishing, blocking, and button-attaching has happened in the course of the last week.

First up, the Simplicity cardigan by Mary Arranella [rav link] in easyknit's Slink in the colour Viola. This laceweight cardi only took me six weeks and one skein of yarn to knit. I enjoyed knitting it a lot, and it wasn't very complicated. I'm hoping it will be a useful, versatile garment that I can wear to work or just around the house, when I get a little cool. Open or tied together:

Next, Thermal by Laura Chau, from Knitty Winter 2006, in Jarol Wool Rich Heritage 4ply, bought from my new LYS, Wool for Ewe. Also an enjoyable knit, though the finished product has come out a bit long in the sleeves for my liking. I'm thinking about revisiting that button band, because I think the neck is a bit wide/low for me and it just doesn't sit right, but then I need to figure out how to fix the 'sitting right' thing (go down a needle size, cast off more tightly, or something. The whole thing took me a year to knit, so I'm going to have to gear up for a revisit. 

And finally Skelf by Ysolda Teague [rav link], knitted in King Cole Merino Blend Aran in Lavender, bought from the soon-to-close Mill Shop at Texere Yarns. According to ravelry, I cast this on in July 2012, and while there have been some trials and tribulations including a massive rip back when I decided it was just the wrong damn size, I have spent maybe a year trying to find the right buttons. I think these will do, but I have a few options in my button box if I change my mind. Again the sleeves are a little long for me, but giveen that it's a cosy aran-weight jumper I can probably cope with that. Lovely fit and interesting construction, if I wear it enough I might knit a second; I'll just make sure I get the yarn and the buttons together this time ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I think I would probably go down a needle size to fix that buttonband, or even pick up stitches less frequently so you have fewer stitches on the needle, which could be an option if you like the fabric created with the current needle size. It's frustrating when something isn't *quite* right when you've spent so long on it. Hope you get it fixed!