Saturday, 27 September 2014

Where do I start?

It has been a while, hasn't it? I've decided to follow the example of Nic of the Yarns from the Plain podcast (which, if you don't already, you really should give a listen!) and do one post where I tell you what's been going on in life, and then use the next one to catch you up with the knitting. I am going to go as far back as April, because that feels like the last time my feet hit the ground, and do it chronologically to make sure I get it all...

1. During the first week in April, I submitted my PhD thesis for examination. I posted about this at the time, and it felt like the culmination of a lot of hard work.

2. In mid-April, I started a new job. The first five months were classroom-based learning with a fab bunch of people :) so it's been pretty hectic socially! also the course had exams :( so work-wise, I've been really busy. These five months were is Devon, too, which meant flying to Aberdeen to get home, or getting the train for 5 hours to get to my parents' in Yorkshire, so my weekends have also been busy and involved a lot of travel.

3. I got married!!! At the end of May :) we had a fantastic day and it was brilliant to see everyone. I knitted my wedding shawl (more on that story, sometime!) and I loved wearing it :) sadly, I couldn't get time off training to go on honeymoon, so was married on Saturday and travelling back to Devon on the Monday. That was quite a wrench.

4. End of June, I passed the midterm exams for the training. After getting married,  I really had to knuckle down but I did it :)

5. Mid-July, I was a bridesmaid for my bridesmaid, which was so much fun and next to no hassle. I just didn't want to have to say that all of July I worked, because...

6. Mid-August saw the final exams for the training, which I also passed (and I did better than I expected!!)

7. During the last week in August,  I successfully defended my PhD thesis. This involved a fair amount of preparation, which just added to my crazy workload, but I am so relieved that it finally paid off.

8. Second week in September saw me finish off the classroom training phase of the new job, which meant I could take annual leave again, hooray! So I did, and we set off to France on honeymoon for just less than two weeks :) got back a couple of days ago. Lovely and relaxed and ready to hit to hit the next few months hard!

So yes, it's been busy but I have managed to do some knitting too :) more on that story later!

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