Wednesday, 2 July 2014

WIP: Purple Thermal

Oopsy! This post has been a bit of a long time coming, hasn't it? I've been really busy and have so much to tell you, but I've decided that the best way to get back on the horse with blogging is to just start with where I am today, and I'll fill in the gaps sometime.

I've been thinking about knitting Thermal for quite a while now, and in need of a big project to get me through watching the World Cup, Wimbledon, Tour de France, and the Commonwealth Games I decided to cast it on when the World Cup started about two weeks ago.

Pattern: Thermal by Laura Chau, pattern from Knitty Winter 2006 [rav link]
Yarn: Jarol Wool Rich Heritage 4ply, bought at Wool for Ewe Aberdeen

At first, it was not true love: 200+ stitches of 1x1 twisted rib ain't my bag. However, now I'm into the main pattern it's racing along and I do love it. Progress has sped up and I feel like I might manage my target of casting off by the end of the Commonwealth Games. Fingers crossed.

The yarn is nice, not a 'particular treat' yarn but something that will be hard-wearing. I love the colour but I'm struggling to capture it - it's really quite a reddy purple. It's great yarn though, and a very apt colour for me :)

PS. Sorry about the quality of the photos; for reasons I will explain, for now and the foreseeable future I will be using my phone camera.

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