Friday, 11 April 2014

Where I've Been For The Last Three Months

Ooops, that was quite a hiatus! And not an entirely intentional one. Blogger tells me that I last posted on 17th January and since then, I've been concentrating on finishing one big project: my PhD thesis. The culmination of three and a half years of work. A 239-page book containing nearly 54,000 words of novel science research.

Yesterday, I submitted it. While this does not mean I am now a Dr (I have to do a viva before that), it is a very important step on the way. As you can see, it means I can work a little less and enjoy life a little more, starting with tea and cake in the nearest cafe. As far as you, dear reader, are concerned, the important implication is that this means I can blog again :)

See you again soon!
PS. I really will try and shake my academic writing style off. I sound weird, even to me.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing, and good luck with your viva! But for now, enjoy your cake and brew :D