Wednesday, 3 April 2013

WIP update

After a much-needed week off, we are back to business as usual round here. This week off involved some knitting, but not a lot - mostly we were watching Game of Thrones Season 1 and I didn't want to miss any of it while cursing a dropped stitch! I've got one project that is so nearly an FO I'll show you later in the week, and some purchases from the Hobbycraft sale, but for now, I am going to do a WIP update. [Footnote: this excludes the two jumpers that I'm STILL working on; Lauriel is waiting for me to find the time / energy / patience to reinforce the button band on, Skelf has been ripped back to the armpits and is now waiting for me to work out what to do next].

The first WIP is sadly absent; I was knitting striped gloves for my OH, and left them with him in Aberdeen when I travelled south yesterday. Oh well, if anything there has been backwards progress on them since they were photographed in this post; had to rip back all the fingers and have only redone the little one, but have done the thumbs.

And to add to the general bum note that we are starting on, my good camera is not talking to my laptop (clearly they can't get past whatever happened while they were together in my backpack during my week away), so we are on my less good camera.

Onwards and upwards....

Mince Pie Mayhem has grown from maybe three inches to four and a half. There is a lot of cabling in this, and while it is all two-stitch cables (i.e. one over the other), I do this on trains, buses and in the car. Cable needle required. Progress is a little slow, but I am very much enjoying it; the yarn and pattern are great together, and it's one of those that requires the right amount of brainpower to entertain me on my commute, but not so much that I need to refer to the pattern every three seconds.

Though what has grown is the socks for my Grandma, but they are worryingly long and skinny, like my feet and not like Gramdma's feet. I'm hoping I can finish this one before I see my Mum at the weekend, who has more similar feet to G'ma and can give them a try on.

Also, the Stitching Bug is still going. A little cross stitch kit that I'm battling the backstitch on....

... and another that needs a few more stitches to turn it into a cat next to a flowerpot. If you squint you can see it!

Right, now for a cuppa and to crack on with some craft - I am determined to get something seriously progressed tonight!

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