Monday, 13 August 2012

Adventures in Suffolk

Last weekend, I went to visit Steph in Aldeburgh. After the train and car rides, I arrived at Steph's lovely little house (Steph has promise to blog about that herself). It is in the grounds of a much bigger house, and we had a little potter around them (Steph has actually blogged about the grounds, with a lot more photos that I took!). It is a beautiful and peaceful place, just what I needed after a hectic few weekends!  On the Saturday we pottered into town and I bought a few bits and bobs, and had a yummy Cream Tea in the sunshine.

After tea, we had a potter on the beach, which is pebbles but there is this view back towards the town.

Also, there is a sculpture memorial to composer Benjamin Britten, who lived and worked in the town and has left quite a legacy behind him.

[If you want to try a little Britten, a good place to start is The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. He is also known for operas - like Peter Grimes, from which the quote on the sculpture is taken, and which is coming up at the Proms if you're in London.]

I did also have a little fun with my camera...

...including this stunning back-lit cumulonimbus cloud.

The next day we went to Orford, a nearby village full of pretty cottages, and an impressive castle with some incredible views. 

We did also surprise some sheep in the church's graveyard; we were not expecting to hear a startled 'baaa!' as we were walking through such a peaceful place!

Overall, it was a chilled weekend of pottering, chatting, drinking tea and most importantly knitting (more on that later though!). Thanks for having me Steph :) xx


  1. What lovely photos. Am always nosey about blogs about Suffolk! Orford is certainly beautiful. did you see the Gedgrave Wensleydale sheep? Their owners sell their yarn - very few yarn miles if you live nearby! x G

    1. We didn't see the yarn but we did see some of the wool - managed to resist somehow too! Thanks for stopping by :) xx

  2. that reads like a dream and you've given me a hankering for scones!