Wednesday, 7 March 2012

FO: Owls

I did finish this maybe a month ago, but there has been quite a lot on! Also the weather has been dodgy so I've not managed to get the colour very well. This is still sub-par, but it will have to do. I am very happy with the result, I have been wearing it and getting compliments on it. . The details are:

Pattern: Owls by Kate Davis. An excellent knit, a clear pattern and quick to do - it took me two to three weeks all told, but it wasn't the only thing on my needles. Knit from the bottom up on circulars, the sleeves are just grafted on at the underarms. The yoke is lovely and adds interest, it is a great thing to be looking forward to while knitting all that stockinette!

Yarn: Chunky Wool by Texere Yarns in Turquoise. Bought at their Open Day on December 28th; their list of current visiting hours can be found here. Great cosy yarn, it is so warm and not very itchy.  So far the yarn is holding up very well, pilling a little under the arms, but I've not tried washing it yet.

Needles: KnitPro metal interchangeables in 6mm and 6.5mm.

Mods: Made it an inch longer between the ribbing at the bottom and the waist decreases, which I'm really glad I did as it just fits. However, I did veryvery nearly run our of yarn (again) so had to cut a couple of rows of ribbing from around the neck.

I guess this means it was totally British project: the yarn, the pattern, and the knitter... though the needles let the side down, oh well! I found this chunky knit very rewarding at it made a great jumper to make so early on in my garment-making career; the first I made bottom-up too, which was fine. I recommend it for those fairly new to garment knitting, or those who want a lot of low-concentration knitting with some interest at the yoke.

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