Saturday, 16 July 2011

Second Opinion Required

I just need to know - do you think these socks look stupid?

They're the lovely fan and feather toe-up socks (rav link) but I'm worried that the yarn is too busy for them, and maybe I should rip back to my trusty lifeline and do them plain. however, my knitting mojo is in such tatters lately that I am having an indecisive moment. And I really need this sock knitting this week, with all the travelling I'm planning on doing.

So please give your honest opinion. I can handle it.


  1. I don't think they look at all stupid. In fact, i think the variegation works well with the pattern.

    In my experience, this pattern produces a VERY stretchy fabric so you might want to consider decreasing the number of sts for a good fit. Otherwise, you've got yourself a gorgeous sock there, missy.

  2. I like it, if its not too late to voice my opinion