Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Only Way Is Up!

After a week of being in a funk - and before you ask, it is actually defined in the Google dictionary as a state of nervous depression - I seem to be on the way out. And how do I know this? I feel like knitting again! Despite a false start, I think I will crack on with my latest and favouritest project: Hands of Blue Wavy Fingerless Gloves. It ain't worth taking a photo of them yet, I only ripped them back 5 mins ago, but I am looking forward to them - especially as I'll get to keep them! Future projects include the Knitted Dalek, now definitely going to be red and dark grey, and a Grace Lace Beret for an old friend in an excellent shade of mustard yellow.

And just to remind me what got me out of the work-induced funk? Asking for help with the work, of course! It may have helped that the lecturer for the course reminds me a little too much of various Chinese characters in fairly old and fairly racist comedy shows. I feel an evening of knitting and Monty Python coming on :)


  1. So I just found your blog! Have you started your knitted Dalek yet? And how about your amazing jumper? I really want to see these things!

  2. i lurve the new look! rock on.